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Established in 1971, Electro Mechanical Company LLC has been the Exclusive Agents of SIEMENS in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

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SIVACON S8 low-voltage power distribution boards deliver the highest degree of safety for people and systems with tested design verification in accordance with IEC 61439.

The universal mounting design with withdrawable units enables safe and consistent power distribution with flexible applications for industrial facilities. With frequently changing requirements such as modifications of engine performance or adding new loads changeover times are short and system availability increases due to easy and safe handling.

Optimize operations and maintenance with integrated digital solutions. Benefit from a modular switchboard that flexibly meets requirements with a high level of reliability.

Key Features
  • Flexible adaptation to changes in operation
  • Design verification according to IEC 61439
  • Arc fault test according to IEC/TR 61641
  • Easily adaptable or expandable thanks to the innovative modular design
  • Space-saving, compact withdrawable design
  • The intelligent design is answer to challenges
  • Offers a smart combination of cost-efficient design and high quality
  • An optimally integrated resource for all needs - versatile, safe, adaptable, and easy to operate

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